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Portique de Sécurité MCD-200 ( Intérieur ), 6 zones

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Portique de Sécurité, Détecteur de Métaux MCD-200 pour l’intérieur, 6 zones, Afficheur LCD


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Portique de Sécurité, Détecteur de Métaux MCD-200 pour l’intérieur, 6 zones, Afficheur LCD
Functions and Features :
Made of common PVC material.
Accurate scanning speed of electromagnetic waves were produced by micro computer controller,flexible,reliable and steady sensitivity setting.
Complex circuit design,extra infrared devices can reduce false alarm and omissions effectively.
Digital pulse technology have excellent anti-electromagnetic interference capability.
Easy assembly.
Self diagnosis during power on.
Sensitivity adjustments up to 100 levels and they are user selectable for each zone.
Detects all kinds of metallic objection,included iron,stainless steel,copper,zinc,alloy etc.
Indication of alarming zones on two sides of metal detecting door.
Automatically count alarm times and people numbers of passing through on digital panel.
Password protection function to avoid tampering.
Harmless to pregnant women,disks,video tapes etc.Technical parameters:

Technical parameters:

Six detection zones.Indoor use economical walk through metal detector.
Detection from top to bottom.
Manual and automatic by built-in key pad via a serial/wireless link.All system parameter setting and operation can be achieved by microprocessor.
Detects all kinds of metals.included ferrous and non ferrous metals.
Audio alarm,and LED location light at the two columns simultaneously.
Detect multiple metal objects of various size in all the zones simultaneously,
But it has low sensitivity for copper,gold,silver.
0-99 long level adjustable sensitivity.
Power supply: 220V AC, 50/60Hz
Power: < 35 W Through rate: more than 35 persons / per minute Signal Frequency:6-9khz(adjustable) Operation Temperature:-10°C ~ 50°C Through rate: more than 60 persons / per minute. Weight: about 71kg Delivery weight: about 95kg. Overall size: 2230 mm (height)*820 mm (width)* 630 mm (depth) Tunnel size: 2000 mm (height) *700 mm (width)* 560 mm (depth)Certificates : Certificates : In accordance with: EN60950, WN50081-1, And EN50082-1,EMC,EC CE Certificate;National standard GB15210-2003 (10) Channel Size: 2000 mm (high) × 700 mm (width) × 560 mm (deep). Télécharger la brochure commerciale


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